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Friday, 8 September 2017

Huge Belated Empties (Sept 2016 to May 2017)

Hello hello, yes I am trying to try to post again... long story short one of my colleague started a blog and that was a good kick in the beeeeeeeeeeeep so trying again, these pics were taken ages ago ( I am not metal and keep my empties for that long) so it is going to be a 2 in 1 empties :

A few I loved :

I have a big love for cleansing oil, they are for me the easiest and most gentle way to remove your makeup, I was pretty impressed by the Sephora one ( you can find at Sephora duh) and very impressed by the affordable easy to find Simple one ( already using my second bottle) you can find it in Boots and Superdrug it is quite often on offer full price it is circa £7, but recently got mine for £3.50 at Superdrug !!!

- On the left pic, there is some classic La Roche Posay goodies (been on the faves before), we have
- Benefit Roller Lash Mascara defo one of the best Mascara I have ever tried ( bit pricey but worth it).
- And I tried a new brand Paula's Choice : this is a travel size of some salicylique acid and the shit get rid of the spot ( watch out sensitive skin stay away from this).

If you have any question on a product I have not described but you that you saw in the pics just let me know :)

Two shampoos on the top: one for Blondes (drugstore shampoo happy money happy hair), Nexxus luxury (you can find this brand in some Hairstylist, on Amazon and I got this travel size from QVC), it did make my hair feel super soft so if you can afford (£15 shampoo) it is good if you don't feel like it I agree I'll doubt I'll buy this full price.

Hair growth serum from Lee Strafford, I did feel like it helped my hair to be in better condition growing not so sure but my hair felt amazing after so still worth applying :)

The Perfume was a present it is the Repetto perfume which smell really good but go sniff it as I feel perfume are a very personal thing.

Bottom left pic: product I have already mentioned in Favourites:
- Mane nd Tail detangler ( which is for real a life saver for my head,) you can find these on Feelunique, at Liberty, and amazon.
- L'Oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist Setting Spray : I just bought my third bottle, I think it is the best affordable setting spray, and I am combination skin (oily T zone) and I wear bb/cc creams so quite light coverage but with this is it does stay on my greasy face, and my skin did not react to it at all, no dry patches, no spot nothing just does the job.

Refer to the faves for the rest
Short one but I will try to post more often at least with favourites once a month, empties and I am going to look for more events/cool stuff to talk about.

Bottom Right pic:  the only three products I was disappointed with :
- Oribe texturizing spray : everybody and their mums and dogs like this on Youtube, well I found it average it works but not better than the Co-Lab one and it is so expensive ( btw I got this one in a box so my dollars were not too sad), i just don't get it.
- Garnier Moisture Bomb 3 in 1 Day Cream : it was just to rich for me, I am yet to try the night version might be more suitable.
- New ( not so new now) Revlon Mascara :Revlon Volume & Length Magnified just did not do much on my lashes and thought the brush was a bit too big ( or my eyes too small who knows)


If any questions please just leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer it


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