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Friday, 3 March 2017

Jan-Feb 2017 Favourites

Skincare love and hair-care savior ....

Let's talk skin:

- this product Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating/Brightening capsules is just perfect for everything, dry, upset, dull, spotty skin, he just regenerate your skin, at the moment they are -25% on feelunique so worth a look. (I love it after a windy day or if I went a bit to rough on a pimple).

- Boscia Tsubaki Glotion (say whaaaattt)  I got this beauty in Sephora, but you can buy Boscia on their website or on amazon, it is for me (combi skin) the ideal morning moisturizer, enough to make your skin comfy but not too rich so that you don't feel greasy, can act as a primer too it makes your skin looks pearlescent  9apparently not a word) but like you look like a pearl but in a subtle way, if you have the chance to come across this brand I feel like it is worth trying I have a few more so will keep you posted.

- ok this Elemis.resurfacing-tri-enzyme gel mask is expensive ( but check out their offer there is a box with this and a cleanser for a good value price) but this makes you feel like you are having a real proper facial, the smell the feeling the results ( well you skin feels amazing but you won't end up looking like Jennifer Aniston) I think too sensitive skin won't like it but for combi it is good in the sense that he does have a balancing effect, it make your oily patches less oily and the normal/dry ones smooth and fresh.

- FOREo cleansing brush/tool this may look gimmicky and expensive but it does help me out with my skin. I t helps cleansing your skin deeply without being harsh on it ( as you just use your normal cleanser) but the vibration of this helps deep cleansing and cells/blood to wake up and  keep fresh.  would recommend it as an investment.

Hair saviour : 

any I do mean any MAIN N TAIL hair product I have tried was good , I have fine very damaged (rat tail looking) hair this help to make it look fuller, longer and stronger, i have just put the Detangler as it is really good and because eventually I found one that is not for kids, but I tried some conditioner and hair spray all top.


- I was very impressed by BAREMINERALS bareskin pure brightening serum foundation, this is a very medium to high coverage foundation it is very versatile, it feels good on the skin does not break out, I need to set it with powder as it is a bit too glowy for my liking but stays on very well does not get weird, really good.

Physicians Formulas Bronzer, if you are going on holz in the US, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Germany try to get one of these, or at least an items from this brand, this bronzer is in between Terracota from Guerlain and Honey Bronzer from The Body shop just makes you healthy awake without being shinny neither flat nor orange, and the smell is divine. 

Tell me your faves ... any new brand you tried recently ?


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