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Sunday, 25 September 2016

August-September Favourites ...

Hello there, belated favourites of the month(s) :

1) Best of the Best but PRICEYYYYY advance night repair, it basically fixes everything, spot, dry patch wrinkles, tired skin, redness, a little goes the long way as this is just a sample size but I did use it almost a month almost every night. I will have to invest at some point check it .

2)  Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water the fact that it has a bit of oil makes it one of the best makeup remover ( I would 
recommend doing a second cleanse after it but it would do for a lazy evening routine once in a while). It does not sting, and get all the "dirt" out of your sin + it is cheap bonus.

3) Bourjois Healthy-Balance compact powder very nice powder which stays on and "balance " your skin, as in good at making you look mat and set but does not emphasizes texture or dryness.

4) Lee Stafford hair growth scalp serum does it actually make my hair grow quicker I don't know, is it making my hair/scalp healthier yes, hair looks more dense with more volume and not too dry/thin which is what I am fighting, so I would recommend it to thinning thin flat hair. (and it smells amazing)

5) Glass nail file from Primark : just efficient AF, files properly and quickly for a real clean finish. I think it was 1 pound for two winner.

what are your favourites these days, anything you would recommend ? anything you'd like me to try/talk about ?



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