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Monday, 8 August 2016

June-July Faves...

6 for two months, I have liked a few bits but only loved these, my skin is being a bit naughty as well I think heat/summer did not help is it just me ? Anyways here are my faves and let me know about yours thks x

2 Skincare items :
- Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse anti-fatigue moisturiser for normal to combination skin : it is quite thick but get absorbed really quickly (and my skin is quite oily) it is just a good way to plump but not over nourish the skin for the day here it is £21 but it is French Pharmacy so can be find for a bit cheaper quite often on, or, Nuxe is defo a <3 Brand.

- Sephora gradual self-tanning face water , to be find on or, I am very fair, and with oily skin so I am not going to apply crazy tanning oils/creams on my face because first I would look orange, then my skin would get mental. This is the perfect alternative for me, it works if I apply at least three/four times a week, and it is god to maintain a tan, easy to use and goofproof as in no awkward lines or patches.

2 eyes makeup items :
these are my little finds from my Trip to Berlin and there are the cheapest best value for money items ever.
Glam-doll volume mascara in waterproof (my friend used the non waterproof one and was not impressed just saying) this is just the easiest to apply and longest lasting thing ever, it lengthens more than it gives volume but I just really thing that this the mascara you can't go wrong with. Get it !
Before (yuck)
After (tadah !)
- The P2 pencil in purple it does not last till then end of the day but it fades very nicely as in it leaves a shade/line and dos not smudge or run away and it is the cheapest thing ever and super creamy and easy to apply. If you go somewhere where there is a DM go try a few of their goodies.

2 Face makeup items:
-A bit of a surprise for me as I was not expecting to like it considering that I have combi skin but the LOreal Paris Glam-Bronze-Cushion-Soleil which is a liquid on a cushion bronzer. It is just a very flattering colour super easy to blend it is non-greasy and just have a very natural finish, it can work for every skin type in m opinion.

- NYX high definition Blush in Nude Tube (powder) it is £5.5 so BARGAIN and I used it as a blusher/bronzer as I am very fair, the packaging, the texture, the colour, the price, everything about it is good, they have an amazing range of colour so I am sure it will have twins in my drawers soon ( I already bought the shade taupe to contour).
left to right : the P2 eyeliner, NYX blush and L'Oreal bronzer

Hope you find it interesting, let me know if there is any post you would like me to try to work on.

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