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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Big empties #4

                       Hi there, sorry for the two-month silence, I was busy with stuff that you don't care about so lets dig into the Beauty Rubbish miracle bag (yes I just want to call that bag like this from now on).
As usual I will split this by product type-ish and will only show the prods I loved and the ones that are Meh... so if you have any questions about the other ones let me know :).

So skincare and face wise I have been really enjoying these :

-Serozinc from La Roche Posay been a favourite already and I have a back up good for toning refreshing or as a setting spray ( is doing up to 1/3 quite often but at Boots or Lookfantastic too). 
-MUA PRO BASE setting spray, well it helps keep your makeup longer and does not break me out and it is £5 so no reason why not to love it. (can be find at Superdrug or on their website).
-No7 Protect-Perfect-Intense-ADVANCED Night-Cream it is a very nice and effective anti-aging night cream it really did make my skin wake up fresher and less crinkled as in more plumped (I guess it is a more delicate way to say it). It is about £25 but Boots and No7 have often offers so this range is defo worth a try.
-Lancome-flash-night-sun gradual tan bronzer I got this in sale in January and got another one in the July sale in most department stores, this is normally £25 but always got it for £12.5. This is a really nice gel that you apply before bed (you can still put your night cream or spot treatment after or before just make sure to leave a good 20min in between each so that the skin has the time to absorb products one by one), it did not break me out and gave me a really good tint just a healthy tint nothing orange (I would apply it like 3/4 times a week for a proper glow).
-Maybelline Eraser-Eye-Concealer hyped for a good reason it has a real coverage without being thick and gross, it did not break me out neither.
-Vichy normaderm bb-cream normal price i £16 but always below £12 on lookfantastic, for my type of skin (oilly/comby/dehydrated sometimes) it is perfect as it stays on your face covers quite a lot and won't let you get shinny on the top it does not breakout at all and actually helps hide/treat you little imperfections. 

-Toni-and-Guy hair sea-salt spray I used the travel version and took me ages to finish tbh. I had my hair chopped in April so wanted to do add texture to my fine hair as now shorter it was har der to get volume or density, it really helped and was easy to use compared to a lot of powder volume mousse and other hair stuff.
-Klorane Quinine B6 shampoo hair savior just helps to give body and health to my fine heat damaged hair, I am finishing another bottle now and will try their fiber range to see if better than this one, quite on a pricey side around £6 but worth it.
-Body Shop Camomile cleansing-oil destroys makeup and even waterproof one leave your skin clean and fresh not dry nor too oily I used it as a first cleanser it is perfect I will for sure repurchase this.
-ELEMIS gentle-rose-exfoliator it has little bit but is defo not abrasive most of the exfoliation comes from the ingredient rather than the texture. It is a pricey buy but next time it is on offer it is mine, it has a gel texture with a few bits and just feel like getting a new skin.
-Mario Badescu silver powder it is so effective it is weird my blackheads were not black anymore, it is a very nice indulging skincare product but it is a pain to use. It is a powder tht you apply and leave it to dry on your face, then your pores are tiptop.

now to the MEH ones (ps disclaimer if they are MEH for me does not mean they are not good for someone else and most of the time they MEH because they are from amazing brands so I would expect them to be WOW.

-Colgate white expert toothpaste, well I just have not seen any difference end of the story lol.
-Garnier BB PureActive, it was ok but too liquidy the packaging is not amazing neither, I wished it was in a smaller tube so that he gives less prod each time you squeeze it.
-Kiehl's body creme de corps, it was quite good but considering the price and the hype around it I was expecting better.
-Hylamide pore delete, I could not apply my foundation on top of this is would stick to it and leave big traces.

thanks a lot, my bag is already almost fool so I ll see you soon

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