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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Hangover Makeup

Here re a few face saviours after a long nights :

go check my skincare hangover routine so that you are all prep (involves a lot of moisture back in your tired face).

1) green correctors key to avoid drunk redness:
I have two options drugstore vs high-end, also I think the No7 formula had recently changed but they do have similar prods
No7 Colour-Calming-Primer-Green
Clinique Redness-Solutions-Daily-Protective-Base SPF-15
it just helps to even out the skin colour and have a base to apply your usual foundation

2) natural tone bronzers
Just so that you look alive but not tanned or orange, we need you to look as if nothing had happened so go for natural/neutral shades, the ones I like are
eyeslipsface bronzers I have "cool" shade one to avoid any red/orange tone
the body shop honey-bronze my shade is 3 and it is just the most natural bronze shade for fair skin

3) powder to look put-together
I would always powder to make sure the makeup is lock and because you don,t really know how your skin is going to behave during the day especially after a bit of partayyy
Rimmel Clear-Complexion-Transparent-Powder
Vichy Dermablend Setting-Powder

for lips go for nudes

that was just a quick one hope it gives you ideas and please let me know what are your TRICKS I need to know Fanks xx

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