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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

ELLE Beauty School and YSL Beauty at Debenhams - Touche Éclat Foundation by YSL and complexion Master Class

ELLE Beauty School and YSL Beauty at Debenhams - Touche Éclat Foundation by YSL and complexion Master Class

 You can find all the YSL products at especially as there are a few good deals these days.

So me and my friend registered for this event, and it was amazing !

So you arrive and you have a table with 6 vanity style seats : Mirror, products, brush, a little card to take note…

Then the Make-Up-Artist (lovely French guy who is the YSL Europe MUA I forgot his name sorry) tells you that “today you are the one working”, he guided us through our makeup but we did it all ourselves (pat in the back).

   1)      Removing makeup/dirt with Top Secrets Toning and Cleansing Water  really nice to use, I found it is a bit pricey and they are nice drugstore alternatives but very efficient compared to a lot of products

    2)      Then moisturize Top-Secrets Instant Moisture Glow which I adored it is such a perfect day moisturizer for my me (combi skin) has it does moisturize but it has a gel-ish texture so it gets into the skin quickly for a plump skin all ready for makeup. (my friend has a slightly dryer and more sensitive skin and she really like it as well I think it is THE perfect moisturizer for a normal day when your skin is not acting crazy). We got a full size of it in a goody bag so will report on it but I can already tell that it will be a fave.

3)      Prime : this primer is a little silicony but not too much, so it does blur pores but does not dry out skin I think it is a good one for any skin type 
     Touche Eclat Blur Primer it is quite expensive 
     £29.20 but you get 30ml so it will last long to compare the Benefit Poreprofessional is 22ml for £24.50 and the Smash Box Photo Finish is 25.50 for 30ml. I really like this primer and I think that nest time I get a %20 off it is going to happen.

4)      Foundation : the new Touche Eclat Foundation they have an amazing range of shade, and I found this foundation really nice on the skin, blurs everything, really clean not completely mat but not shinny at all finish. It has a good coverage but not too much that you look completely fake, I am more a BB CC crème kinda girl but for a night out this is a very good foundation and same I would say that it is quite good for all skin type. Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

5)      Bronzer : we “Sun stripped”, so instead of applying bronzer in a coutour-ish way (under cheek bones) use apply it as a stripe that goes from your left to your right ear, to appear as if it was just the sun which gave you that tint, you need to go easy on the nose but I found that it does give a healthy look perfect for a every day makeup, you would use that technic we a mat and not too dark shade though. We used an amazing (but a bit expensive  I mean it is YSL so Luxury) product  Le Teint Sahariennes bronzer it is a hybrid in between cream and primer texture, I will try to get it if I have discount as it is worth trying but money-money.

   6)      Highlight : with the iconic Touche Eclat I used shade 2 , it is £25 so you want to pick up the shade you like/need the most it is a product to try, there are options in the drugstore but no perfect dupes. We used it on under eyes, sides on the nose and inner corner (eye)

   7)      Eyes : used the YSL brow products good but normal so won’t rave about it and we used the Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby-Doll which I found really cool but my YSl fave is the Luxurious Mascara False Lash Effect, one product that we did not try but that I know is amazing as I tried it before is the Couture Kajal

   8)      Lips : YOU NEED AT LEAST ONE YSL Rouge Voluptélipstick in your life I love Pink Lingerie.

So to get : Rouge Volupte Lipy

Very Likely : Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow and Touche-Eclat-Blur-Primer

Maybe : Le Teint Sahariennes bronzer

what are you YSL faves ?


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