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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blush palettes battle, 3 drugstores 3 high-end ...(reviews, pics and swatches)

3 for 2 happened at Boots and Superdrug, Holidays collection are out so .... during the last few month I have been gathering a few palettes, which one you should or should not get here are my opinions and some pics to get a better ideas.

One shocking moment cheek studio palette £49 at SpaceNK.

 I was so looking forward to this palette as  I went to an event to see how to use this Steven Klein limited edition products and got it there with a few goodies so it was worth for me, but I am not 100% sure I would recommend splurging on that one. I was slightly disappointed by the Laguna bronzer which has so much hype and been raved about everywhere same for the Paloma contour shade, and the highlighter is non existent tbh. These shades were not really easy to blend as wellbut it might just be me being not very good with my brushes.

 However the Blushes are amazing ! Robotic Blush, Blasphemy Blush, Luster Blush, Dolce Vita Blush like them all, particularly Luster a lovely orange/bronzy colour (third from bottom row) and Robotic a cold pink like icing on a cupcake. All blushers are really pigmented and long lasting. SO I would give a 6/10. I would say that crazy makeup people should get it but normal people (who buys makeup to wear to wear it not just because they collect it and have an addiction like me).

 Left pic: blusher as per the palette Robotic Blush, Blasphemy Blush, Luster Blush, Dolce Vita Blush.

Right pic, I applied Paloma contour, them a bit of Laguna and finally Luster on cheeks.

Aerin, kaleidolight-palette £49 but now £27 at Harrods:

So I applied the contour shade called (Bronzelight top dark triangle) and lovely shade but as very little it is a bit tricky to apply, but it is for me a perfect contour shade. I added the Radiantlight (Bottom right) as my Bronzer and here again lovely shade easier to apply and not too orange with just a slight shimmer but really really subtle nothing in your face. I used the blush (Roselight the only pink triagle ;) )on the cheeks but I am not a fan of it, it is a bit dark for a pink for my skintone I would say that the shade would be nicer on slightly darker skin it just looked a bit too red-ish on me so took a bit of it off. The purple powder I used it to correct a bit of redness/spot so useful but not amazing, and the other two are just setting powders. (PS: bronzer is very long lasting)
Blush, contour, bronzer, Purple.

So I am glad I bought it on sale as it is a really nice palette I mean the packaging and quality of the powders is very good, but I would have been slightly disappointed I f I had pay full price as I am not too sure if I am going to use the Blusher. So I would give it a 7/10 at sale price but it would def be more a 6/10 at full price.
(as you can see mo filter no photoshop pimple, bumps, wrinkles and friends all here)

Tanya-Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette £8 at Superdrug and

This is a very cute and affordable palette, I absolutely love the Bronzer (Beach Bronze) and the Highlighter (Oyster shell), but the blush (Pretty peony) is definitely not for me. (I might get the other palette Peachy Glow which has a different blush orange/coral and Highlighter but same amazing Bronzer 3 for 2 at superdrug ya know).
The bronzer is just slightly shimmery very subtle and really just give a healthy sunkissed look (it reminds me of Guerlain Terracota which is Ze bronzer), it is slightly powdery so make sure to shake a bit your brush before applying. The highlighter is very pretty too really fine shimmer nothing like sparkle at all and easy to apply. Both are super long lasting. The blusher is way to red/dark pink for me and this is very shimmery so really not what I am keen on, it was really warm on my face so i would say that for very pale people and really cool toned skin it might be a bit weird me no like. But the palette is worth just for the Bronzer and highlighter, and packaging is lovely, there is decent size mirror and even though it is cardboard it looks pretty solid. So I would give it a 7.5/10 and it would be 8.5/10 if the blush was a different colour. (sorry the pic I took from me the morning was really bad, but the swatch are very much like how it appears on the face, you can see that the highlighter does really attracts the light and that the pink is very pink :( )

Hourglass ambient-lighting-edit  £65 at SpaceNK or UrbanRetreat or Netaporter.

First yes it is expensive, and I spend my money on it rather than on fancy clothes or other guilty pleasure and I can understand that people think it is silly, but some are into cars, stamps, restaurants etc.

Now this has been among the palette I have tried this week (the ones above) the easiest to use, the powder is so fine that you can't go wrong, it has a really colour payoff but so easy to blend and so soft, I was really impressed. I used the bronzer (bottom right corner, the blusher next to it and the top right highlighter). The other three are lovely too but I would go light pink more for a sunny day (blush and highlight).
On the swatches below you can't see the highlighters as it did not work but you can have a hint of it on the pic of my (funny) face. These highlighters are really subtle very especially the yellow one and can almost be setting powders (I know a lot of people use it as it), the two others are a bit more shimmery.

The bronzer is perfection, the only tiny bit of shimmer is just visible on the top of the cheeks, and even if it is not a contour shade it is definitely good to give a bit of dimension to your cheekbones.The blusher is just like a done of vitamin C : hello now I look fresh and awake.
I am just going to mention the packaging and the prettiness of this palette as in I don't think words are needed for it, this is just the most gorgeous palette I have seen in my life so far. I am really tempted to get the bronzer full size it is that good.

Collection BlushAndGlow £5 at Boots:

I am very impressed by the bronzer/contour shade of this palette being tan but not orange, and ashy but not mud colour, so perfect for both contour and bronze glow, apply really easy but quite pigmented. The highlight is very impressive too such a nice luminous powder with no glitter easy to blend and can be build in a proper strobing. The blush are very good too I don't think I am going to use the pinky (right bottom corner) during the day as it is slightly shimmery but it is a nice pink/coral so pretty but not too girly. The left one is just really good for day and it is slightly mat and a really natural "bois de rose) brown/pink really like your skin but flushed. To be honest this palette you can't go wrong with it, from light to darker skin I think it is a very very very good palette and such a BARGAIN o run get it use it and show me ! The only low down on this would be packaging is defo not the most solid and does not have a mirror.

 Bronzer (top left) higlighter, blush 1 (bottom left) second blush.

The bronzer is quite similar to the Tanya Burr one, slightly orange/bronze but very nice asy to blend and buildable, the higlighter is nice but maybe not perfect for day as quite full on but prbably AMAZING on olive tone or mat skin, as it is a bit goldy. 
They are three blushes two mates and one shimmery, if the shimmery one is not my fave it is mainly because I am very pale and it looks a bit over the top on me, but I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with the two other blushers, the very pale pink is the perfect cold pink (top right corner), it is for me the perfect pink as it is baby soft like no redness and going on the nude side, I really like it over the bronzer to really balance the glow and add a natural effect on it. I really like the matt coral one two perfect for not feeling so good days All powders are really long lasting particularly the blushes, but if you are like me touching your face all the time go check it sometimes to reblend the powders. I would say that it is quite powder so you would have to tape your brush a bit before applying (like most powders tbh).
\Packaging is cardboard but as a decent mirror and feel quite solid to be honest. 

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