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Friday, 13 November 2015

Hangover Skincare

Festive season is coming so I thought it was time for us to see what we can do skincare wise for our drunk/hangover faces.

I am going to focus on skincare on this post and will do a makeup one soon.

1)      - Coming back home drunk, don’t think you will be able to do a good skincare routine but YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF so wipes (I know there are not the best but they are amazing for several cases: 
 a)being drunk, b ) travelling c) staying at your crush/bf/mate/you do what you want with your life overnight…)
    At least you would get as much off as possible and don’t sleep in your smudged kohl and crispy mascara as well as your not so much at the right place bronzer. My faves are YES TO CUCUMBERS as they do the job don’t hurt and leave the skin feeling clean but not dry/squeaky clean. (warning if you have very sensitive eyes it might not be the best)

         - Then a good spray shall be good to makeup sure (you sober up) you take the last bits of makeup off and put a bit of freshness to your skin and add a bit of softness after the wipes, I would say one of the best is La Roche-Posay SEROZINC as it is for blemish prone skin so if the Gin/wine/you don’t remember drink side effect: spot is trying to appear it will tell him not too.

         - Then slap on the moisturiser because you entire body is dehydrated and your skin will definitely show it, my fave at the moment is from LIZ EARLE normal/combi skin repair moisturiser (try to drink as much water as possible but that is more for your head and stomach when you wake up).

these three can be found at Boots, wipes £3.99, spray normally £8.50 but currently around £5 online butt often on offer at escentual.commoisturiser £20.25 and on

2)      – In the morning (probably feeling rough) you’ll be happy to realised that you were smart enough to take your makeup off and that your skin looks less bad than how you feel inside.

         - I would go for a second cleanse use your normal everyday cleanser or if you had quite a lot of makeup the Caudalie makeup remover oil is the best.

         -  Then apply some moisturising/calming mask, or leave some moisturiser on, shower and rinse all, I am currently using the Sense one here around £20, LIZ EARL have a really lovely one too here.

         - Last step for me once your skin feels not too dry and clean you can do the brightening treatment mask from Liz Earle just to make sure your skin is awake and ready for the day. Apply your usual moisturiser/serum and good luck with the makeup step and to survive the day.

To be continued….

What are you tricks for when your skin looks tired or when you have been out??

Thanks x

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