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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Autumn makeup looks

                                  Just wanted to share some nice colours for Autumn from both HighEnd and Drugstore :
I went for dark green eyes, orangy/brown cheeks and plum/brown lips:

Left our HighEnd menu, and right our Drugstore Menu....


HighEnd :
- I went for a creamy shadow from Shiseido (that i=I got during the sale at HouseOfFraser at £11 instead of £22)
-And you can use do make it more "night-out" add a brown liner, used the 3-dot liner from Clarins, easy to use I got it from Harrods in sale obvs for £9 instead of £21.

-Max Factor eye shadow pencil at £5.99  slightly less creamy and a bit more glitters but with this you are ready in two secs !
MUA 3in1 Eye Contour Pen Dark Brown £1.50 at Superdrug, really creamy angled liner easy to use might have to re-apply it tbh but well £1.50 and the colour is lovely

Left are the MUA and Clarins liners, then the Max Factor and Shiseido eyeshadows.

2) Face: I chose dark blushes to be used as bronzer too

HighEnd: Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in 06 Spiced Mocha it is powder, just nice colour it has four squares and a couple are slightly shimmering it is really nice and goes with everything (£23.50 and same got it during the sales from Harrods below £15)

Drugstore:  H&M cream blusher in cameo brown £6.99 it is very creamy easy to apply, the colour is quite nice and they have a really lovely range of colours.

Below pic :  top the H&M blush and below the Clarins Bush


HighEnd: my fav Lipstick Brand YSl the Rouge Volupte Shine in 02 Pourpre Intouchable, not amazingly long lasting but so nice on the lips such a lovely scent, colour and feeling <3 (normally £26 but managed to get it for £13 at debenhams)

Drugstore : a lovely mix Rimmel Apocalips, lip velvet in Atomic Rose £6.49, and Bourjois effet 3D gloss in 50 Brun Exotic, so first step the velvet colour creamy and acting as a stain, then the gloss to add a bit of moisture and shine both have an amazing scent and Rimmel lip velvet is really long lasting. first pic top lip is the gloss, inferior one the lip Velvet, second pic the swatch (Rimmel, Bourjois, mix), third pic is the mix.

What are your Autumn favourites colours and makeup bits ? I am still unsure of really dark lips, have you ever tried Berry, brown lips ?? any recommendations ?

thanks x


  1. Loving all of these! Trying the H&M make up at the weekend too :) xx

    1. let me know what you try and how it is ? x