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Sunday, 13 September 2015


                        Just to share my favourites Pink lip products, I tried to select from different texture type and different price range. Please leave comments and recommendations I am always looking for more lipstick to try !

 From left to right :

By Terry tint to lip in Pink Palace £22 (but got it on sale at Harrods or SpaceNK for £11)
Tanya Burr in First date nornally £6.99 but only £1.99 at Fragrance Direct (link)
Topshop Lip Crayon in Wave £4
sleek makeup true colour in Baby Doll £4.99
YSL Rouge Volupte in 7 Lingerie pink £26

 Lipsticks :

YSL comfortable but still quite long lasting, these are so expensive but so good, it is a perfect treat for your Bday you can find then at £21 on

I really like the fact that it has a slightly powdery finish which make it stay on the lips but without being drying, this is probably my favourite lipstick ever.

 Sleek it is the perfect colour if you have dry lips it might not be the best one but with a bit of balm before you are good to go. This the second one I buy as in it was so good that I actually finished one dah !

Lip crayon/liner : 

Left : Topshop this crayon is amazing it has a glossy finish but without the stickiness and the colour is  pigmented and an adorable pink.
Right: Essence this lip liner is so cheap and so good it is so not drying (compared to other liners) the most comfortable liner I ever tried.

Lip gloss and stain:

Top : by Terry tint : first tint that has a pearly finish it is the best tint I ever tried it is not too drying (a tint so at least when you apply it it was a bit drying) and with a nice colour and yes it stains your lips so the colour stays forever but does do weird colour patches just a smooth hint of colour.
Bottom : Tanya Burr lip gloss, the lipglosses I rate the best, they are so creamy not sticky or slippery just like lipstick but glossy I am so not a gloss person but these are just the most comfortable to wear and the colours are so pretty.

what is your fav pink lipstick ??? please I need more always !!!

thanks x


  1. Such a gorgeous colour on you! baby pinks really suite you! I think my favourite pink lipstick is my Pink Pigeon by Mac! It's more of a brighter pink though!

    1. Thanks, and oopsy I got another one, wanted to check yours so went to Sephora (my friend gave me 25% off so i had a good excuse) and tried it loved it until i tried Saint Germain and I had to chose it was hard but the baby pink Saint Germain won lol

  2. the ysl one is so pretty, I dont have favorite pink I think LOL! ..But I really like Cherry Picking by Wet N Wild

    1. wish it was easier to find wet and wild in the UK, but thanks I will check that out, and cute blog

  3. The YSL and topshop ones of my favourite! I think topshop do so well considering they are a clothing shop really and they are so affordable! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. So true topshop have such a good beauty range, only tried their lips and blush prods but waiting for xmas to see if they have lovely sets. (very interesting blog Sam in my faves now) x

  4. Love all, like the shiny one! Do you ever get teeth whitening stuff in your birch box and could you review the best if so? Xxx

    1. actually just received a sample of Regenerate special toothpaste so will probably be in my next empties post x