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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

L'Oréal Paris - COLOR RICHE (Lumiere and Cameleon)

                         Hi there, just a quick post here to talk about the color riches eye shadows from L'Oréal, they are everywhere and at a retail price from £4.99 to £5.99 depending on colour/effects. They are gel infused eyeshadow.

 1 ) Lumiere effect, shade 502 quartz fumé, it is a an amazing brown full of light but no sparkle just soft shimmer/light, perfect for smokey eyes. 
+ really pigmented, does not smudge not too much (but I would recommend an eyeshadow base), lovely packaging in between high street and high end look 
- can't really find any  

2 ) and 3) are from the Cameleon effect, 600 OPALESCENT (2) which is a white/pink shimmery shade that can be used all over the lid or in the corner of the eyes to add a bit of soft light, I would use it when I want to look less tired (TBH). The second one is 601 Soleil Levant (3)this is my favourite as it has ind of the same effect as the 600 Opalescent but it has a hint of "taupe-ish" pigment too, so it is perfect to wear just by itself. And I tried it on a friend who would not normally wear eyeshadow this weekend (she looked amazing) and it really adds a little of sophisticated something without being in your face, as it is definitely something you can an wear day or night.
+ all of the above :)
- slightly powdery but nothing dramatic just tap  your brush a little and that'll do

So I think these are amazing for a treat when you are on a budget, and are perfect if you start with eye shadows and have so many shades that they are amazing for real eye shadows pro.

Which shades do you ? which one I need please please please ?????

thanks x


  1. Amazing shade!! I have one of them (a very tasteful friend of mine offered it to me... ;) ) and I love it!! <3

  2. pretty color!