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Monday, 17 August 2015

Liquid HIGHLIGHTER Highstreet Vs High-End

       Hi there, just thought that has everybody is into "strobing" (you don't what it is, well I can't really help ah : it is kind of an alternative to contouring using intense highlighting instead of real shading : they have a better definition and real tips) it was appropriate to do a post on summer highlighter.

                  I wanted to show you two alternatives one on the affordable side and another more on the treat side but nothing too expensive.

Liquid highlighters are quite easy to use as really blendable (let's avoid looking like disco balls even though if it was ok I would look like a fat pearl I love highlighters...) and fresh and in summer well it is better, you can apply them with your fingers or with brushes well play with these the way you like.

 Ze bronze/sun-highlighters : 

*Benefit Sun Beam : 
Ze + : lovely easy to use and pigmented without particles of glitter. 
Ze - : its price (£19.50) and does have a bit of a funny smell

*Rimmel Good to Glow (003 soho glow) :
Ze + : easy to use, very affordable (£5), no smell
Ze - : can be slightly too shimmery 

             left : Benefit Sun Beam                right : Rimmel 003 soho glow

Verdict : well my opinion , I might try to get a full size of the Benefit one as I think the pigmentation and lasting power are really better, but the Rimmel is still very good and nice to mix with foundation. 
They have slightly different ingredient (still working on getting a better analysis on these but none of them broke my up or dried my skin I am combi)
Even though you have more in the Rimmel (25ml vs 13ml for the Benefit) I would say that I still love the Benefit better.


Ze illuminating/enhancer highlighters :

*Benefit High Beam:
Ze + : really light texture, easy to blend and very natural/skin colour
Ze - : the quite strong smell, and only 13ml for an enhancer is a bit short, the price £19.50

Rimmel Good to Glow (001 Notting Hill glow)

Ze + : easy to use and super super super pigmented and very affordable and a lot 25ml
Ze - : bit of glitter but nothing too in your face easy to blend

 on the swatch left is Rimmel and Right is Benefit

 Verdict : well my opinion, I am not going to splurge on that one as I think the Rimmel is better, but for more subtle highlighting I guess the Benefit is easier to use. (compositions for these are very similar)


So HighStreet 1 - HighEnd 1 

just to show you a bit more Rimmel as a third shade : 002 Piccadilly Glow
it has more of a jelly blusher texture and finish, perfect for everyday colour on your cheek bones especially for summer.

(excuse my veins which looks like aliens)

What is your fav highlighter, do you prefer powders ? how do you apply yours, for which colour would you go, tips tips please thanks x 

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