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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Big empties #1 and focus on the +++ products .

So I have been keeping my empties ( or rubbish tbh) so that I can :
1) feel less guilty when buying products because I do use a few so I will need more (someone needs an intervention),
2) so that I can show it to you

I am just going to show you all these and then give more details on the products that I have really enjoyed.

Yep THAT is quite a lot and it is a good few months as you can see there are a lot of minis as I am subscribed to Birchbox and have been getting several other beauty boxes.

The affordable bits :
-Batiste dry shampoo : the one and only to avoid greasy hair.
-CoLab extreme volume dry shampoo, this is the volume version of the normal CoLab dry shampoo  ( created by the amazing Ruth from a model recommends ).
-Boots Thickening shampoo, good one with affordable price tag, they have a Remove Build-up shampoo in the same range that is amazing for fine/greasy hair or just to use once a week for a deep cleansing.
-Boots Coconut & Almond Leave In Conditionner : this is a MIRACLE product, I have fine long quite damaged hair (lovely description lol) and I need detangler and in the market detangler is for kids so I always end up with a pink product which smells bubble gum in a green bottle and this is UNFAIR ! so this spray has just been detangling my hair without making it feeling heavy, it has a nice but not overpowering scent, and I could definitely get the benefits of the two ingredients on my hair. I can't find it these days in all the Boots that I have tried, so if you see it let me know please please oh and try it too.
The more expensive bits:
-Kerastase laque noire or hair spray, I got this product in a goody bag so can't really tell the price but as it is Kerastase it is probably not cheap but it is amazing it holds everything without drying or feeling sticky, there are a few places where you can find Kerasatse : lookfantasticallbeauty and it is quite often on offer.
-Phyto Paris repairing thermal protector spray, i got this in a travel set and loved it, I love this brand they have really good product, it is a bit pricey for a heat protector but if you come across it and it is on offer get it ! I will do  French Pharmacy post(s) for those interested. You can find their products here beautyexpert.


- Nivea creme sensitive gel shower (btw in a few months I used a few bottles of it but just showing you one, just wanted too say it so that you don't get a wrong idea of my hygiene habits lol) does the job, affordable, always on offer and super nice on the skin.
-St Tropez bronzing mousse : I just started this year the self/fake tanning, and I am not mastering it but I find it quite nice. I am super fair so it is quite dangerous to do and that is where this little bottle helped me, as it was easy to use with no weird orange drama. (mitt is necessary).
-Caudalie Divine Oil : well yes it divine but it is quite expensive> You can often find it in sets, or on offer so I would suggest you try to keep an eye on it.
-L'Occitane Hand cream : BEST HAND CREAM EVER that is it I use a sugar loads of hand creams and if I often find nice ones I have never find one better than this one.

Ze FACE stuff:

*LipBalms :
 -EOS everybody needs one in hi/her life, and my all time favourite Homeostick (not sure you can get it in the UK but if you go to France ask for one in a Pharmacy this is quite cheap and very effective).

*The cleansers : 
-Yesto cucumbers facial wipes (not for everyday but perfect for lazy days) remove makeup and leave skin clean neither greasy nor dry.
-Boots eye makeup remover pads : so easy to use after a night out, or while travelling.
-The Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil : this get ride of makeup like nothing else, and even me and i have quite oily/combinations kin I loved it has it really takes every dirt out of your face, the oil texture can be a bit scary at the beginning but I really enjoy it. (for those really not into oils they have the cleansing butter in the same range which is amazing too).
-Liz Earl Intensive Nourishing treatment mask : perfect for a pampering moment, and for any type of skin (if you are super dry this is not going to be enough) but it is just an easy way to give some moisture back to your skin, plus all Liz Earl products just smell gorgeous.

*The creams:
-Avene Cicalfate repair cream: just all purpose super repairing cream. it is perfect to fight spot/acne scaring, or other minor scaring, it is super soothing so very good if you have dry patch. One of my friend (Celou, I hope to get a post with her) even use it as a mask and baby soft skin indeed ! you can find it in Boots and it is around £8 so quite good price for this very good quality.
-Sensé night renewal creme : it has a serum texture so moisturizing but very fresh and light and yes my skin looked quite good in the morning after it, I am thinking this is more a brand to have an eye on as I am not too sure it is easy to get in the UK (, this was given to me by the lovely Mel from prettylittletruth.
-Clinique redness solutions daily protective base spf15 : this is GREEN I would use it to counteract the redness caused by sun, scaring, dryness or any minor damaged, it is light but moisturizing, and spf15 so winwin it is £21 so not super cheap but this is really good if you have any problem with redness and the tube is 40ml so it would last minimum a couple of months and most likely more as you are not a tomato.

*The makeup bits:
-Garnier, 5sec Perfect blur: quite a good primer, quite sillicony so if you don't like this then pass on that one. i would say it is better for winter tahn summer as it is quite thick but really enjoyed it and it was around £10.
-Dr Brandt pore no more : pore refiner ; I love it but it is super expensive so I you have the budget and enlarged pores GET it, if not try to find it on offer. It is like the Benefit poreprofessional but in a bit better so yes this is super good but ouch the price.
-Caudalie, Vinoperfect, radiance tinted moisturizer (spf20), i got it in a Birchbox and wow this is very good, I am slightly too oily to wear just it so I had to use a bit of powder on the t-zone, but this is a light-but-radiant-and-light/medium-coverage-super-nice-on-the-skin product, it is quite expensive but as I said this little sample lasted me at least 2 months so the full size would get you a 6-month use. It is perfect for ladies (or lads) who like natural healthy finish. And it is part of their vinosource range so has all the benefits of it, it is more than makeup this is both skincare and makeup + spf.
-The makeup forever black khol : well the fact that I finished a pencil should say enough about it, super black super long lasting yep yep.
-The lash Domination by BareMinerals, this is a mascara I got in a set at the airport, and I had no expectation at all, and it turns out to be quite good. i found it quite easy to apply, and very very black. It is a plastic wound so on the side that Benefits They're Real type of mascara and I found it was long lasting which is the main strength of this mascara for me.

Ok so that is qquite long, just get your eyes on the bits you can be interested in, and if there is any of the products which I commented or not that you would like to get more details on: just let me know.

If you know ze perfect PRIMER let me know ! and am I the only one who needs detangler ?

thanks x

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